Resident Evil Contamination Synopsis

Things were going perfect for Doctor William Birkin, Chief of Viral Weapons Research at the Umbrella Corporation – until a falling out between him and Umbrella’s CEO, Ozwell E. Spencer, put his life’s work in jeopardy. After years of research, he has created the ultimate viral weapon: the G-Virus. He doesn’t plan on letting anyone take his work away from him – even if it means leaving Umbrella altogether. But Spencer has other ideas.

Now, Birkin’s entire facility is on lock-down with Birkin still inside as he desperately tries to gather his work and make an escape. Agent HUNK of the Umbrella Special Forces and his elite unit of soldiers must infiltrate the underground research facility and recover the G-Virus at all costs. They are the best at what they do…but little do they know what horrors await them in the cold concrete walls of the underground lab…


~ by Mike Young on December 11, 2009.

One Response to “Resident Evil Contamination Synopsis”

  1. I am writing a Fan-Movie script for resident evil called Resident Evil: ORIGINS
    It takes place during resident evil 0 and resident evil 1

    Here is the website

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