Endgame Synopsis

Based on the screenplay by Samuel Beckett.

The world has come to an end; humanity is gone and the land is dying. And nobody cares. Four people living together in a manor go through a daily routine of stories and banter. Just as none of them know why they go on with life, none of them seem truly willing to let it end. Hamm, the manor’s owner, is blind and confined to a wheelchair. He only finds happiness in his dreams, and in antagonizing his very old parents and his servant Clov. By day, Clov takes care of chores and cooking while Hamm tells stories and his parents reflect on their lives before the end of the world. By night, Clov puts everyone to bed and guards the home from strange creatures that threaten to break in and finish off the last people alive.


~ by Mike Young on December 11, 2009.

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