We’re finally back online!

•May 12, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Well, after a long hiatus due to a number of reasons, we are finally back to the point where we can make regular updates. There’s quite a lot to talk about, but I’ll sum it up quickly.

1. We have filmed another scene from Resident Evil Contamination, though we’re due to go do some reshoots as the weather was giving us trouble and some of our video didn’t come out as planned (you film, you learn, I guess you could say!).

2. We have uploaded a small handful of pictures to our gallery, which you can view to your right. These pictures depict the character “Butterfly” who is played by Angela Pileggi. Butterfly is one of the members of the Umbrella Special Forces Alpha Team in Resident Evil Contamination, and you can see her now in all her tactical glory. We’ll be scheduling more photo shoots soon for the other characters.

3. We have decided to release Resident Evil Contamination in short episodes, rather than a full film. This was an idea we toyed around with some time ago, and had abandoned, but due to people’s schedules we believe this to be the best way to make progress on this project. We will work to release the episodes in chronological order.

That’s pretty much it for now! We have plans to expand the selection in our store, so check it out and see if there’s anything you like! If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to send them our way.

Now filming Resident Evil Contamination!

•February 3, 2010 • 1 Comment

Well, it’s a little late to post this, but we succeeded in filming the first half of one of our opening scenes a week ago! We unfortunately had to call it off earlier than planned due to cold weather and tired cast & crew, but we got some great stuff shot.

We will be scheduling another shoot in late February, or March to wrap up that scene, as well as a few others.

The ball is rolling!!!

Resident Evil Contamination deleted scene!

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“Shooting Range” a deleted scene from the movie (actually, it’s really the rehearsal of a deleted scene) is now up in our Videos section. Check it out!

Charles Allen Goes to Washington Synopsis

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Charles Allen, a patriotic citizen of San Diego, is out to make the world a better place.

After betting some hippies that he could turn the U.S. economy around if he were given the role of the President, Charles Allen goes to Washington with his good friend Mike to prove just that. Having assumed the role of the President, Charles feebly attempts to fix the country by assigning all new Government representatives and designing what he thinks is the ultimate tax-plan.

Naturally, things can only go horribly awry.

Endgame Synopsis

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Based on the screenplay by Samuel Beckett.

The world has come to an end; humanity is gone and the land is dying. And nobody cares. Four people living together in a manor go through a daily routine of stories and banter. Just as none of them know why they go on with life, none of them seem truly willing to let it end. Hamm, the manor’s owner, is blind and confined to a wheelchair. He only finds happiness in his dreams, and in antagonizing his very old parents and his servant Clov. By day, Clov takes care of chores and cooking while Hamm tells stories and his parents reflect on their lives before the end of the world. By night, Clov puts everyone to bed and guards the home from strange creatures that threaten to break in and finish off the last people alive.

Resident Evil Contamination Synopsis

•December 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

Things were going perfect for Doctor William Birkin, Chief of Viral Weapons Research at the Umbrella Corporation – until a falling out between him and Umbrella’s CEO, Ozwell E. Spencer, put his life’s work in jeopardy. After years of research, he has created the ultimate viral weapon: the G-Virus. He doesn’t plan on letting anyone take his work away from him – even if it means leaving Umbrella altogether. But Spencer has other ideas.

Now, Birkin’s entire facility is on lock-down with Birkin still inside as he desperately tries to gather his work and make an escape. Agent HUNK of the Umbrella Special Forces and his elite unit of soldiers must infiltrate the underground research facility and recover the G-Virus at all costs. They are the best at what they do…but little do they know what horrors await them in the cold concrete walls of the underground lab…